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Quality Management Policies

Quality Management Policies, Work Safety, Health Protection and Environment Management

Company mission and goal

The company PROGLES s.r.o. is a reliable provider of forestry services. Its goal is to continuously increase the quality and quality in the area of delivering services and trade with timber, and to sustain a good position on the market and maintain solvency.

Quality policies for 2011 – 2012

  1. Customer approach
    • Preparation of documents for LCR (Forests Czech Republic) tenders in accordance with the law on public contracts
    • Improving the awareness of existing and new customers - forest owners
  2. Communication with suppliers
    • In terms of workers, hired for delivering services in forest production, the company places emphasis on their qualification and experience
    • In terms of timber material suppliers, the company prefers building long term cooperation
  3. Improvement
    • Improving the company's infrastructure with investments into transport equipment for transporting timber
    • Implementing subsidy titles from EU resources

CFCS 1004:2006 – Certification for the Timber Consumer Network Verification System for 2011 – 2012

Holding the C-o-C certificate proves the implementation of a system, through which you can reliably verify the origin of timber. Moreover the certificate provides an opportunity for manufacturers, merchants and dealers to:

  • improve their own access to the markets
  • present their responsible approach to sustainable development and environmental protection
  • improve the efficiency of their own business by implementing the system for monitoring the origin of the raw material
  • contribute to improving the image of the entire timber processing sector
  • support timber consumption and increase competitiveness in terms of other materials (steel, plastic, concrete, etc.)

Environmental Management Policies for 2011 – 2012

The company's environmental management policies are based on the focus to be a responsible company that always places emphasis on protecting the environment and on a harmonious coexistence of people, nature and the local community. To manage the company in conformance with the fundamentals of environmental policies, we establish specific goals and find ways to implement in the everyday management of the company.

This primarily means that:

  1. In accordance with our business philosophy, we will support activities for protecting the environment, primarily:
    • saving energy and natural resources
    • handling chemicals safely
  2. We bind ourselves to meet the requirements of the effective legislature for protecting the environment, obligations given by our customers and other engaged parties; we will establish goals and goal values to support the prevention of pollution. Our workers will conduct activities leading to continuous improvement in environmental protection.

Safety and Health Protection at Work Policies for 2011 – 2012

  1. Risk prevention - with consideration to the risks of possible threat to life and health, which are related to work execution we create conditions for a work environment that is safe, free from any hazards to health defect by appropriate organisation and accepting measures, which are focused on preventing such risks, eliminate or minimise risks that cannot be rectified.
  2. Personal protective work gear - in cases, where we aren't able to eliminate the risks for Safety and Health Protection at Work, or to limit them substantially using technical means In the area of work organisation, we provide employees personal protective gear, we maintain them In a utilisable state and demand and control their use.
  3. Work environment and procedures - we strive to have an organised and equipped workplace so that the work conditions correspond to the safety requirements and hygienic limits placed on them. We organise work and establish work procedures so that they do not violate the fundaments of safe conduct in the workplace. We do not allow for an employee to perform work that does not correspond with his/her abilities and health competence.
  4. Continuous improvement - we strive to continuously increase our efficiency in Safety and Health Protection at Work and in improving the system for managing it so that it meets the changing legislative requirements and conditions for business as best as possible. We assess the stipulated Safety and Health Protection at Work policies and goals established from it on a regular basis and we check the attained level of Safety and Health Protection at Work.
  5. Employees - performing tasks in care of Safety and Health Protection at Work is an equal, inseparable part of work obligations of all head employees. However, each employee is obligated to care for their own safety and health, just as the safety and health of all persons, whom they affect imminently with their conduct.
  6. We bind ourselves to fulfil the requirements of the effective legislature for Safety and Health Protection at work and the obligations of the given engaged parties.


CFCS 1004:2006 ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 ČSN OHSAS 18001:2008